ite●d States over a law● introduced ●last year t〓h
  • at ban s government ◆agencies fro?/span>
  • 鰉 buy ing its 〓equipment.H〓uawei
  • in a stat●ement said i●t has fi
  • led● a complaint in a ●U.S. distri

t●ional Def

  • ense Aut◆horization Act (N◆D

    AA), which menti○on

    bars all U.S. Gov●ernment agencies fro○m buying Huawei eq■uipment and servic■es, but al◆so bars th〓em from co〓n

    ed Huawei and ZT〓E
  • by name.The f○irm argues th◆

    e restrictions targ?/span>

    tracting with or a○warding grants or● loans to third par○ties who b●uy Huawei equip◆ment or services,■ without a

    鰁ting it a〓re "unc
  • onstitut〓ional".The U◆.S. Co

    ngre●ss has repeate

    ny e●xecutive or j◆udicial process,"■ Huawei said in● the stateme〓nt."Section 889 is ●based on numero■us false,

    dly■ failed to prod
  • uce● any evidence ○to suppor

    t i〓ts restrictions

    unproven, ●and untested proposi●tions. Contrary ○to the stat○ute's premise, Huaw●ei is not ●owned, controlled,?/p> on● Huawei produ●

  • cts, Guo Ping, H○uawei Rotati

    ng Cha●irman said a

    ?or influenced by● the Chinese go■vernment,"◆ Song Liupi●ng, Huawei's C●hief Legal Off○icer, told report◆ers a

    t a pres〓s conferen
  • ce in s■outhern Chinese cit◆

    y Shenzhen, where ■

    t the pre●ss conference.Es○timates fr◆om industry s●ources show● that allowi○ng Huawei to compe■te would reduce

    Huawei's headqua■rt


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